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Doublecut Padding &
Padding Kits

For professional wallcovering installers.  This thick polycarbonate tape is used to "cushion" on-the-wall double cuts in order to protect the underlying primer film when hanging products that have a tendency to shrink and pull primer.  This easy-to-use tape can be cut to any length and is reusable job after job.  Don't let a damaged primer film ruin your job.

Polycarbonate double cutting tape provides insurance that there will be no seam splits when hanging over poorly painted surfaces or areas of "hot mud" patching compounds.

It can be used as a cutting underlayment for fabric backed vinyl, paper backed vinyl or even high-shrink pulp paper, grasscloths and unbacked fabric.  It even allows you to double cut materials hung on blankstock lining paper and other lining types.

"Double Cut with Confidence"

The Process:
Below is a dyed grasscloth being doublecut on the wall. Since this is a delicate material and can paste stain, EZ Mask protects the underlying grasscloth from being stained by paste.

Comes in 2" x 125 foot rollss

Double Cutting Kit
    $55 + $7 Shipping

Refill Roll w/ Strap
    $45 + $7 Shipping

Four Pack of Refill Rolls
    $160.00 + $17 Shipping



Step one:

Cut a suitable length of my polycarbonate tape and  lay it under a pasted strip


Shield double cut area with painter's masking to prevent paste staining.


Lay next sheet on top of Easy Mask and use a straight edge to cut through both layers of grass cloth.


Remove excess material, remove polycarbonate
tape and smooth down material for a perfect seam. 

No primer was injured during the filming of this double cut.